Why Is It Inconvenient to Use Windows Hosting

Windows server hosting may appear as the major opportunity for the webmasters considering the presence of the operating system of the same in several PCs used for both online and offline content generation and development operations. The Microsoft Windows introduced different hosting plans including Windows Server 2003 and 2008 offering superb robustness and exquisite features. Empowered with the facilities of the Microsoft Windows NT, the platform is convenient for porting software applications and optimum uptime for enhanced website performance. While it is highly preferable to consider the aspects of the operating system in your computer and the hosting package compatibility, it is also important to take a note of the downsides and the disadvantages as well.

Website Speed and Performance: Websites with high volume of contents especially eCommerce ventures can have problem with the Windows hosting interface considering slow performance. To compare, Linux can be installed on an old PC such as Pentium, and will work pretty fast. In this competitive world, website speed can be an issue as the visitors to your website potentially appreciate the performance, speed and loading qualities in order to consider revisits. Windows servers offer relatively lower speed compared to that of the UNIX servers.

Compatibility with Tools and Applications: The website runs on a number of tools and applications to enable the users to access the different features and perform actions. If you are using CGI or PERL applications on your website, then Windows hosting is definitely not the suitable platform as it is not compatible for supporting these applications. These applications were originally developed by UNIX and perform excellent on servers with this operation system.

Network Protocol Compliance: When choosing the hosting server for your website it is also necessary to take a note of the network protocol that you prefer to use for your website. Administering the website using Telnet and SSH network protocols can be problematic on the Windows server. The hosting will largely limit your working with the UNIX based SSH and Telnet.

Stability: While there are fewer issues with bug errors on the Windows servers, there is still scope of encountering problems frequently owning to the limitations of the stable running system as is largely evident in the UNIX or Linux servers. Overall, it has often been detected that the Windows servers pose the issues with website performance stability apart from the speed issues.

Expensive and High On Resource Requirements: One of the major issues with the Windows hosting is that you may have to consider high budget allocation for the resources and applications you are using on the website. You may get certain free applications but some essential paid ones are vital for the purpose. While paying for the operating system platform for the range of features and functionalities in addition to the necessary resources can be very expensive especially for the new and small businesses.

Rebooting and Downtime Issues: Compared to other servers like UNIX and Linux, the Windows servers require frequent rebooting to run properly. During the rebooting process, your website will not be available for access. The downtime is a crucial matter for competing in the market with niche sellers. Rebooting more often will affect the visibility of your website due to greater downtime. While in the case of most hosting packages, the downtime is 99.9% only the Windows may have much reduced statistics in this case.


Bottom Line

Apart from the above-mentioned features, it is also important to choose the hosting package wisely. The websites differ in terms of type, bandwidth requirement, availability of space for contents etc. Certain essential tools and applications are important for enhancing the performance of your website to the optimum level. When choosing the hosting platform, ensure that the package is suitable for the tools you frequently use on your content management system.

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