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As a business owner, your website is your #1 calling card on the internet. Whether you have an eCommerce store online, offer freelance services, have a lucrative money minting blog, or just have a business site that tells people who you are – your website’s role in today’s hyper competitive world is critical.
A well designed website, with a superior page speed, which has been optimized for search engines, is worth its weight in gold. However, with so much riding your website, you cannot afford it to go down and become inaccessible because of the ineptitude of the web hosting service.
That’s why in this review, we focus on a web hosting service which has earned a reputation for reliability – HostPapa. There are bigger web hosting services and there are smaller web hosting services. With HostPapa, you get a dependable and efficient web service, that is somewhere in between.
In this HostPapa review, we shed light on HostPapa, discuss the various features of this web hosting service and tell you if you should be spending your hard earned money on it or not. Our goal is to offer you a precise understanding of what this company has to offer.

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Overview of HostPapa Web Hosting Services

HostPapa is one of the fastest growing web hosting services in North America, and has been noticed by customers far and wide for its impregnable security, superior performance, and high reliability, just as you would expect from a web hosting service provider.
HostPapa is a Canada based web hosting company with the stated goal of offering a highly competent web hosting service without causing any damage to the environment. The company was founded in 2006. What’s interesting about HostPapa is the utter secrecy with which the company operates – not much is known about it or its owners at all.

HostPapa has been consistently getting high ratings by agencies such as the Better Business Bureau, which rates the company as an ‘A-‘ business, which is quite creditable. Also, the web hosting service provider has been a BBB accredited company for the last 5 years.

Overall Score 98%

But what really marks HostPapa special is that it is one of the very few web hosting companies in the world that is powered 100% by Green renewable energy. Everything in HostPapa, whether it is the data center, the web servers, the personal computers used in the office or the office space, have been designed keeping the environmentally friendly Green energy or renewable energy in mind.
Host Papa is completely powered by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. The company has purchased green energy tags and gets 100% green energy into its power grid. Remarkably, when all the talk is about the massive carbon footprint being created by internet or software companies – HostPapa produces a minimal carbon footprint.

There are many people out there who are very environmentally conscious and concerned about the world we leave behind for our children, and hence the fact that HostPapa functions on 100% Green Renewable Energy has not gone unnoticed and has been widely appreciated.

But there’s more to HostPapa than just that – HostPapa has a reputation of being a highly reliable web hosting service provider to small and medium sized businesses. What makes HostPapa such a favorite of small businesses around the world is its reliability, excellent customer service, low price and ease of use. Add to this, a control panel of the highest quality and efficient site building tools.
With HostPapa, you can get your website online in no time at all, and you have a service you can absolutely rely upon for.

HostPapa Review Web Hosting Services

We will review the HostPapa hosting plans, the features and the prices they offer

Host Papa comes with three types of plans for web hosting – a shared hosting plan, VPS hosting plan and a reseller plan. While the shared web hosting plans powered by Linux OS servers, the VPS web hosting plans powered by both linux and windows servers.

HostPapa offers a 30 day money back guarantee for all customers. However, the money spent on domain names, add on features, privacy features, set up charges won’t be given back. Cancellation on HostPapa is quite easy, not that you would want to try it!

We discussed and review those plans in detail.

For the shared hosting plan, HostPapa offers unlimited disk space as well as bandwidth. Also, HostPapa hosts an unlimited number of websites/domains in the Business and Business Pro Plans that they offers, while in the basic plan, the Starter, you allowed to host up to 2 websites. The Shared Hosting plans on HostPapa are based on tier pricing, which is based on the number of years of web hosting a customer commits to.

For the best price, it makes sense to opt for the scheme that requires a 3 year commitment. While the 1 year plan requires a commitment for only one year, it is relatively expensive. Let’s have a look at the various schemes offered by HostPapa as part of Shared Web Hosting for their basic plan, the Starter.

12 Month Prepay Contract: Costs $7.99 per month. Requires an Upfront payment of $95.88
24 Month Prepay Contract: Costs $6.99 per month. Requires an Upfront payment of $167.76
36 Month Prepay Contract: Costs $5.99 per month. Requires an Upfront payment of $215.64

Basically the prices above are Renewal Pricing. On first time registration you will pay much less.

The best way to take advantage of HostPapa’s Shared Web Hosting is to use the discount codes and coupons. HostPapa regularly runs several promotional offers, so keep your eyes open for the discount codes and coupons when they become available. Also, HostPapa offers a free domain registration for the first year, and a completely free setup.

HostPapa services are really quite cheap, and with discounts, it’s possible to access them for as little as $3.95 a month. There is the added advantage of unlimited storage and bandwidth for an unlimited number of sites. And there is the HostPapa Website Builder to go with it. Equally impressive is the fact that HostPapa offers full email versatility, multimedia software support, online stats, several reporting tools, developers’ tools and excellent third party web – which is as good as it gets for this price. Among all the above, on all shared web hosting plans you will get $250 FREE marketing credits.

Money saving TIP

HostPapa now offers Virtual Private Server hosting plans, which will provide with better performance and much more flexibility. HostPapa VPS plans allows you to upgrade and increase the resources allocated to your account along with the growing of your business.

HostPapa allows you to choose between Linux hosting to Windows hosting. On each one of them you will find 3 plans, starting at $9.99 for the basic Linux plan, and at $39.99 for the basic Windows plan.

On the basic plan, regardless of the operation system, you will get 4 cores CPU power, unlimited bandwidth and disk space of 50GB.

On both, Windows and Linux VPS hosting, you will get 2 IP Addresses, Unlimited Hosting Accounts, Private Name Servers, Unilmited FTP Accounts, and much more.
With the Linux VPS plans you will get $120 free marketing credits, when with the Windows VPS plans brings you even more, $175.

Shared Hosting is the main part of HostPapa’s business, and that’s what this web hosting service provider is well known for. But the company also has a flourishing Reseller hosting service.

With HostPapa Reseller plans you can start your own hosting business and get to promote your own brand, while keep enjoing the support from the HostPapa team.

HostPapa offers 5 Reseller Hosting Plans.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

What’s common on all of these plans is that the customer is allowed unlimited domain names, MySQL databases and 3 IP addresses.
in Addition, you will get unlimited cPanel accounts, private nameservers, WHM Control Panel, FREE billing software, and much more.

Bronze is the cheapest Reseller hosting plan and Titanium the most expensive. Titanium offers an enormous 200 GB disk space and a 1.4 TB bandwidth, which is just amazing.

Synopsis of the HostPapa Web Hosting Support and Performance

The new subscribers will enjoy with cool features such as FREE domain name registration, fast and professional customer support, 30-day money back guarantee and much more.
HostPapa will assist you to transfer your domain and website from your old hosting, for FREE, which will allow you an easy start with your new hosting plan.

Reliability and Uptime - Number one factor in Web Hosting

There’s no question that HostPapa is a highly reliable service, offering an amazing 99.9% uptime guarantee. That’s a big promise to keep, but there have been no major complaints against the web host’s capacity to do by its customers.

Such a high uptime guarantee is made possible because HostPapa’s servers are stored in a Toronto based state-of-the-art data center, with several other backup data centers in other regions of North America. HostPapa’s data centers have a 24-hour power back-up, and closely monitored with a 24/7 security.

Plus, HostPapa’s data center has a dedicated diesel generator, a Cisco powered network, an advanced fire suppression facility, a climate control system and multiple bandwidth providers. The company takes care to regularly backup its servers, so that no data is lost and the company continues to function normally even if there is a large scale failure at its Toronto data center.

Customers are assured of maximum data protection at HostPapa, but it’s always advisable to backup your sites, data and files, to protect yourself in the worst case scenario.

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HostPapa Review of Their Web Hosting - Customer experience and support

Customer Service is absolutely critical to how a web hosting service is viewed by its customers, and a poor one is often a deal breaker. There’s no such problem with HostPapa, which has one of the best customer support teams among web hosting services. Here, you will be given help with setting up your website and getting started, with a helpful customer support executive willing to lend a hand.

HostPapa’s customer support staff communicates with you by phone, live chat or email support, depending on your preference. They offers support in various languages: English, Frances and Spanish, including websites on those languages and Toll Free Lines in some main countries. There’s also an extensive HostPapa library which helps you get an answer for most of the basic issues that crop up while using the web host, and even some video tutorials in more than 1 language.

Also, with the Business or Business Pro hosting plan, a 30 minute one-to-one support with the top HostPapa customer support staff, called the Papa Squad can be accessed. The dedicated session with the Papa Squad is also available for holders of other plans for an extra $39.95.

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Web Host Services - Easy to Use Interfaces

HostPapa’s customers have access to the web hosting industry’s #1 control panel – the cPanel. The cPanel is universally popular, highly respected by the industry and appreciated by experts. The cPanel has large buttons that are almost intuitive in how they work and allow you to perform several administrative tasks.

cPanel also comes with excellent reporting tools that offer up to date stats on anything that pertains to your web hosting account and makes an accurate measurement of your website activity and performance.

With HostPapa, you have a great advantage as you don’t have to pay extra for the cPanel. With many other web hosting services, you have to pay extra for this amazing service.

In the cPanel you will find the greatest Auto Installer script, Softaculous. Which allows you to install automatically over a 100 popular web applications and over 1,000 PHP classes.
Those applications include: WordPress, Joomla, SMF, PrestaShop, and much more in various sections such as: Blogs, CMS, Forums, Wikis, E-Commerce, Guest Books and a lot more!

To make it even more easy to manage your website in the hosting aspect, HostPapa provides with a huge knowledgebase of over 700 articles and tutorials in english, and hundreds of articles in Francais, Espanol and Deutsch.

On all shared hosting plans you get for free the Website Builder platform. on the Starter plan you will get only the basics functions of the website builder, but each higher plan you will take will provide you with much more functions that would make your site building process much easier. To make it even more easy to start your new online business, HostPapa offers great Design Templates for FREE.

Of course, if all of the above isn’t enough you can enjoy the remarkable customer support HostPapa provides, which we will be reviewed on the next tab.

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Website Security in Hosting Services
HostPapa offers many securities features, but sadly, on most of them you will have to pay extra. The only thing we can mention its free is HostPapa Server Firewall, Monitoring & Intrusion Detection, which will keep the servers themselves hightly secured, and will alert their technical support team on any breach or error on the servers. Additionally, they add as a Bonus! The Panda Cloud AntiSpam Protection.

The Paid Security features are:

  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Domain SSL Certificate
  • SiteLock Basic
  • Dedicated IP address

Each of those paid services are free for use on the Business Pro Plan ONLY.

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Website Speed and High Page Performance

For speed, HostPapa offers in all the hosting plans, except for the Basic plan on shared hosting the Starter plan, a FREE CloudFlare CDN. CloudFlare will boost your website performance and speed. As it stores your static content on several locations around the globe, for fast delivery to your website visitors upon their physical location.

For deliver better performance with higher speed, HostPapa use world class servers by HP and SuperMicro. Additionally, all the servers includes Solid State Drives (SSD).

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Auto Update and Backup to Keep High Level of Security

HostPapa data centers equipped with several security systems such as: fire-suppression systems, standby and redundant power, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and some disel backup generatos that should stand in any power failure.

For website backup, HostPapa offer paid service: Automated Website Backup, which backup your website everyday, in addition to emails and databases backup, and allows to restore data from 7 restore points for your choice.
This service is offer for free on the Business Pro Plan ONLY.

It is always recommended that you will manage your own backup of all of your files, pictures, documents and etc. Most of the hosting companies offers free unlimited FTP accounts, what makes the backup processs, to your computer, an easy step.

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HostPapa Review of Their Main Features

each higher plan include all the features of the lower plan

Shared Web Hosting Features

Starter Plan:

  • Only two Websites Hosted

  • 100GB Web Space

  • 25 MySQL DB | Unlimited phpMyAdmin

  • Free Domain Name for The First Year(tip)

  • Free Site Setup or Transfer

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • 24/7 Technical Support + Knowledgebase

  • $250.00 Marketing Offers & Credits

  • Website Apps

  • Softaculous Script Installer (100+ Scripts)

  • Unlimited Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

  • 100 Emails Accounts

  • Pop3/IMAP | Email Alias | Virus Scanning

  • Include Spam Protection | Web Mail

  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders

  • FTP Access (24/7 FTP access)

  • cPanel Control Panel

  • Enhanced Search Engine Tools (SEO)

  • Control Panel & Account Management *

  • Premium Website Builder – Starter Edition

  • 120 Design Templates

  • Enhanced SSD Drives

  • Server Firewall, Monitoring & Intrusion Detection

  • Bonus! Panda Cloud AntiSpam Protection

  • 25 Sub Domains | Parked Domains

  • Domain Forwarding | A-Records

  • Ecommerce TOOLS

Business Plan:

  • Unlimited Websites Hosted

  • Unlimited Web Space

  • Unlimited Emails Accounts

  • Free 30-minute Papa Squad Training Session

  • Premium Website Builder – INFO

  • 300+ Design Templates

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – INFO

  • Email Marketing Software

  • Unlimited Sub Domains

  • Unlimited Add-on Domains

  • Unlimited MySQL 5.1 Databases

Business Pro Plan:

  • Premium Website Builder – INFO

  • Rocket Fast Premium Servers – INFO

  • Advanced Security Features

  • Domain SSL Certificate

  • Automated Website Backup (1GB)

  • SiteLock Basic

  • Dedicated IP address

  • Domain Privacy Protection

Conclusion for the HostPapa Review

HostPapa has many things that go in its favor – the high reliability of its service, the 99.9% uptime, the excellent customer support, the cPanel and the highly cost-effective plans. Also, HostPapa is a green web host, powered by 100% green renewable energy. So when your website is hosted by them, you are given a green certificate or tag for your website, which you may make use of to declare that your website is hosted by a green host.

This would definitely go in your favor as people are a lot more environmentally conscious today and would appreciate you for doing your bit to lessen the carbon footprint for future generations.

Even that HostPapa offers many services as paid version, they offers on all of the plans FREE marketing credits that really can boost your website traffic and gives you a great start.

You can always get great hosting plans at discount price for the registering time. Furthermore, with their VPS hosting plans, you get the flexibility to increase the resources you rent from HostPapa as your business grows.

Upon this research we can recommend on HostPapa hosting services as a great place to start your digital journey! Goodluck!

Visit HostPapa and pay as low as $3.95

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