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ASP is short for Active Server Pages. Microsoft initially developed it as programming technology for creating customized dynamic website. ASP is a websites coding system that uses its scripts in a method known as “server-side scripting” which allows creating more creative and interactive web pages compared to what standard HTML can perform.

How exactly does ASP Vary from HTML?
Whenever a web browser requests an HTML file, the web server returns that file to the user’s browser. Whenever a web browser requests an ASP file, the ASP engine reads that file, and then executes the scripts founded on it. Lastly, the ASP file is returned to the user’s browser as plain HTML.

In general each web browser (such as: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and etc) use a bit different programming that read and display the web pages for its users. As a result of that, it might occur that the same web page will appear slightly differently on each web browser. In addition, a user might use an old web browser that not support one or other component, which may lead to some visual issues and disorder of page elements.

This is where you can find one of the ASP.NET hosting advantages, because ASP scripts automatically identify how to render themselves properly according to the browser type, resulting in identically content to all web browsers.

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Overview of ASP.NET Hosting


Websites you browse online are classified into two categories. They are static vs dynamic websites. The static web sites are purely HTML. However, dynamic websites use server part scripting. They’re considered interactive websites since they can generate outputs provided inputs from internet surfers. Static websites aren’t interactive. It is possible to change this content of a static website in the event that you change the website manually. To publish dynamic pages, internet hosts must run these webpages using an internet server and an internet scripting language. ASP web hosting can run powerful pages.

It has gained recognition due to its flexibility, simplicity and ability to support some other languages such as C#, VBScript among the standard languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It could be readily associated with ASP.NET, a framework which makes creation of sophisticated applications easier and possible. Both are manufactured by Microsoft. Taking into consideration the characteristics of ASP, hosting ASP websites entail unique requirements like additional parts and services.

ASP.NET Hosting These Days


Presently, people are more interested in social networking sites, blogs, and forums and particularly in the web 2.0 notion. This is the major reason why an exceptionally sophisticated and active hosting service is necessary for the purpose. ASP web hosting services offer all sort of services which can assure the current needs of the clients. With this service into function you are capable of creating interactive functions for your website. However since the services are abundant and first-class, a query often arises as to what the expenses are concerned. The initial price might be more than other kinds of simple web hosting services however the long-standing advantages of ASP hosting would beat its expensiveness.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET Hosting

First of all you need to understand that ASP.NET software can run only on a Windows based platform. Additionally to that, in most cases, ASP hosting will be more expensive than standard Linux server hosting.

Advantages of ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET Hosting Server Room

Mani Features

ASP dedicated hosting drastically reduces the quantity of code necessary to build large applications which also simplifies ASP.NET hosting. Due to the functions and programs provided, ASP.NET is the most effective development tool for just about any business; this is the major reason why a lot of people prefer Windows hosting. ASP provides an excellent platform for web page design and advanced website development. ASP also enables data source integration and advancement easily and thereby lots of time could be saved with advancement process particularly if the user knows Microsoft client-side programming. In case you are searching for a development tool that’s compatible with all of your Microsoft applications, ASP.NET hosting is the greatest option for you. ASP also offers support for systems like ASP.NET infrastructure, Active Server Pages (ASP), AJAX alongside MS SQL, MS Entry and ODBC database connectivity. ASP hosting contains of all resources essential for creation and maintenance of one’s dedicated hosting pages.


The speed and simplicity of ASP programs meets the best modern standards. ASP manages detecting the kind of browser and internet browser compatibility issues when it creates code for a server handle. The advantages of asp web solutions are it facilitates high velocity of development, option of cross-platform migration, improved productivity, reliability, security, usage of the opportunities of .Internet Framework Library, relatively short studying curve for developers, easy configurations of programs and security. ASP.Net technology helps inside displaying data, validating user input, and uploading files within an easy way. The very best feature is that it functions in all browsers the same.


is a very big factor. ASP development has yet another advantage which is it allows software program interoperability means it allows numerous programs to learn write the same extendable and use same process by exchanging data with a common group of exchange format.

This interoperability leads the advancement path to match the custom requirements of the customers and let a programmer to build up robust application of any scale in ASP.NET. Programs could be hosted either internally or on remote control systems and different modules of a software program can communicate through standard web protocols.

Conclusion of ASP.NET Web Hosting

Depends on your business and website needs, the solution of ASP.NET hosting might be the right one for you. ASP.NET offers you an advantage to develop and produce dynamic webpages. You should choose a company that offers the latest ASP.NET applications along with the hosting package, and with great support team.

Choose one of the companies we reviewed above, and start your online adventure.