Top Best Colocation Hosting Reviews

Colocation Hosting is much like a dedicated hosting service, although in that case, the clients owns the colo server;

The web host company provides physical space to store the server. Generally, the hosting company won’t provide any support, but will provide high and fast internet connection, power supply (AC and DC), storage facilities for the server, physical security and real-time live monitoring to prevent any failure.

The client would have his personal technical supervisor that will be in control to accomplish any hardware upgrades or  modifications to the servers in the data center.

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A Quick Guide to Colocation Hosting

What’s Colocation Hosting?

Colocation Web Hosting is an interesting alternative to ordinary web hosting where you get to own the servers run by the hosting company. With the usual web hosting services, you don’t get to own the servers, the servers are owned fully by the hosting company and you can rent them for a small amount.

Colocation web hosts allow you to keep your own server in their racks, or buy one of the servers owned by them. In return for a reasonably low monthly rent, the Cococation web hosting service provides free bandwidth, IP and power to the server owned by you. With the super-fast broadband speeds that are available, accessing the server is easy and highly efficient.

Colocation hosting is the same as normal or typical web hosting for all purposes when it comes to running your website, except that the customer exercises a complete right of ownership over the hardware.

Colocation Hosting Server Room
Colocation Web Hosting Servers

Does it make sense to access a Colocation hosting service?

If you have a small-medium business, you’ll have certain IT requirements for running your website, but won’t be able to afford the cost of IT support or that of running an entire IT system. That’s why Colocation web hosting can be so useful to you, as it takes care of these things, for a very reasonable monthly rent.

The other advantages are that, since you shall be owning the server, you will have every right to run your own software, tools or themes on it. You won’t have to wait for your web host to install the latest themes or tools – since the server belongs to you, you can install and run the tools or themes of your choice any time you would want to. Also, since you own the server, you can upgrade it at any time of your choice, without having to wait for the web hosting service to do it for you.

Cyber security is a major consideration, and at Colocation hosting services, you are guaranteed the highest level of security against hacking.
Another major advantage is the massive saving on the cost of bandwidth. By hiring a Colocation web host, you are guaranteed high badwidth speeds at a ridiculously low cost.

And you don’t have to worry about your website shutting down because of a power outage. Colocation web hosting services have massive backup power that acts as a guarantee that your website will be running 24/7 all through the year.

Some others advantages:

  • Dedicated infrastructure to create your cloud strategy.

  • Easily increase or decrease the capacity as needed.

  • Skilled experts managing and monitoring your data center facility.

What are the drawbacks of Colocation Hosting?

Well, Colocation Hosting makes sense for those who need something more than what typical web hosting has to offer – such as the option of upgrading your servers or installing your own software. While this is a great option to have for a small-medium business, for many website owners, this option is completely unnecessary.

The fact that you have to install and upgrade your own hardware makes collocation web hosting more expensive than the typical web hosts, such as shared hosting. You may have to pay a third party service for the maintenance of the servers as well.

Colocation web hosting can be more expensive than basic Web Hosting . This is especially true as you will have to maintain and manage the servers yourself. So when the server needs to be upgraded, you shall have to purchase the hardware and install it yourself.

Another possible drawback is that if the premises of the Colocation web hosting service are located far from your home or office, getting there to install your servers, and that too during the working hours, could be a problem.

Who is Colocation web hosting really for?

Telecommunication companies, Major enterprises, Web commerce companies, eCommerce sites – should consider this type of web hosting.

It’s certainly not for you if you only have a small website or a blog that doesn’t really make much money. But if you have an online business with decent enough sales, and a moderate to high number of visitors or customers, which requires a reliable 24/7 web hosting and cheap bandwidth, perhaps having Colocation hosting does make a lot of sense.