Top Best Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews

Dedicated hosting service is when the hosting company lease to a client the whole server, what mean it is not shareable with others. This option is much more flexible than shared hosting, as you have full control on the entire server, and free to choose which hardware and operation system you like to install, among others features. Usually the provider of an dedicated server hosting will offer full support on most of the management related to the server, including the setup of the server initially, keep server software up-to-date, and hardware management such as, memory, storage, security and IT support.

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2 Arvixe - Web Hosting Solutions $4.00/mo. Disk Space: Unlimited
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60 Days TopBestHost 98.4/100 Read Editor’s Review
3 SiteGround  Quality-Crafted Hosting Services $3.95/mo. Disk Space: 10GB
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4 Just Host - Professional Web Hosting $2.95/mo. Disk Space: 100GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domain: Free
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Anytime On Sale 98.2/100 Read Editor’s Review
5 Reliable Web Hosting from HostPapa $3.95/mo Disk Space: Unlimited
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6 StableHost - Affordable Web Host $3.95/mo. Disk Space: 1GB
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Dedicated Server Hosting


Dedicated server hosting is the top option that web owners consider as their website grows. As websites grow, it tends to utilize more resources as well, including server CPU and bandwidth. These are the same features that shared hosting plans are no longer able to provide. These are just few of the things that a dedicated hosting plan can provide. More than these, what are the other benefits it can provide? How can you know if this is truly an option suited for your hosting needs? Learn the answers below!

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting


Simply said, choosing to use this type of web hosting plan entails rending the entire web server from a provider of a dedicated web hosting. The hosting plan typically includes high capacity hard disk storage space and thorough technical support. With this hosting plan, you are given the means to maintain a large site without worrying about hiring a staff that can support it.

So, is This The Web Hosting Type That You Need?

Do you want the convenience of not hiring a staff to take care of your site’s technical support? If that is the case, you would benefit from buying a dedicated serving hosting plan since it lets you rent the entire server, which already comes with its own technical support.
Server customization is also possible making it the best option if your website needs customized options or if it needs a dedicated resource due to having high traffic.

Aside from these considerations, you should also use a dedicated server hosting if you are planning a new project, one that requires server control or high performance right from the beginning. Have a large company that wants total control over your server? If you do and don’t mind the expenses that come with it, then there is no reason for you not to choose this hosting plan.

However, it is not recommended for you to use a web dedicated server hosting if yours does not require that much of a huge resource. You need to remember that while it offers a powerful performance, it comes at a cost. Using this hosting when you know your website does not need a huge resource is an expense you do not want on your hands.

What else that Web Host Service Gives You

There are several things that a dedicated server hosting can guarantee to give you and these are listed below:

Total Control

Being allowed to rent the entire server automatically gives you entire control over it – an advantage that no other hosting plans can provide. Many opportunities are also given to you, which include eliminating the restrictions on the programs or operating systems you wish to use and install on your site. Additionally, you free to restart your server whenever you like, choose the firewall or security software that suit your needs. It is not the same with shared hosting, which comes with restrictions regarding the certain setup or mode you can only use.
Another opportunity that you get to enjoy with this type of web host is having the memory and CPU of the web server all to yourself. This easily eliminates the risk of your website going down once the server did along with the other servers, a disadvantage that shared hosting has. If there are things you can trust this type of hosting, it would be its reliability and stability.

High and Fast Performance

A web project that requires high processing power does not make it a good decision to use shared hosting. Only a dedicated server hosting can provide the level of processing power that such web project requires, with flexibility to choose the amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space that needed. All of that provide the Perfect solution for high-traffic websites. With this option at hand, you never have to worry about a glitch in the hardware department since it will always be at your service.

Custom Software or Hardware Setups

In comparison to shared hosting, you only have the standard package to use and nothing more. With dedicated server hosting plans, you are given total control over every aspect of the installed software and hardware. For instance, if you wish to install special ISAPI components on your dedicated Windows server, you can do so. Installation of any special third party software is allowed when it comes to this type of web server hosting, an advantage you don’t have with shared accounts.

Large Memory or RAM

Need large amounts of memory? A dedicated server hosting can very well get that covered together with guaranteed reasonable response times. You never have to worry about this aspect if you already have large database applications. In any case, the database is held in RAM to allow a lightning fast response time.

Large Storage Space and Bandwidth

Need a large fast disk space? Dedicated Server hosting has that! In fact, the entire disk space is provided to you along with a large bandwidth also. Most of the hosting companies will let you choose from different amount of disk space and will offer some types of the disks such as: SATA, SAS, eMLC, SLC SSDand etc.

Use of Special Software to Ensure and Secure a Reliable and Site Connection

A good example of this special software is that one used in monitoring websites. If one is down, your server easily and immediately sends an alert message allowing you to take care of the issue right away. As such, you can simply install monitoring software at your office computer that communicates through the internet.

Points to Consider

There are many things that you can rely on with a dedicated server hosting and one of these is your websites’ flexibility. Hence, it is best to consider this hosting plan if you are planning to build a website driven by a complex database, expecting high traffic later on or requiring too many server resources. A dedicated server hosting is the best option you have in any of the mentioned cases. It offers a high and fast performance, but being powerful comes at a high price. However, you can always guarantee that you can get what you are paying for. Based on the specified requirements above, this hosting plan is the best one that can give you superior hosting experience.

The price you spend reduces the time when the server is down while always securing the delivery of excellent performance. Plus, you are ensured when it comes to privacy and security since you are given the chance to do some tweaking on it if you have the knowledge. To conclude all these, it is never a bad idea to upgrade to a dedicated server hosting if your website’s needs are growing and you know you have the money to spend for it. It would even be a good investment on your part in the end!