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Web hosting companies virtualized each server to some partitions, which allow each VPS hosting account to have its own virtual server. Each account has access to its own virtual server only. While with virtual hosting you still have to share some of the resources with others clients, each client get much more resources compared to what the hosting companies provides on shared hosting. In addition, you will get much more control on the virtual server you own. You will be free to decide which operation system to run on your server, when to shut down or reboot your server and you will enjoy with higher levels of security, as your server will be isolated from others servers.

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2 Arvixe - Web Hosting Solutions $4.00/mo. Disk Space: Unlimited
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3 SiteGround  Quality-Crafted Hosting Services $3.95/mo. Disk Space: 10GB
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4 Just Host - Professional Web Hosting $2.95/mo. Disk Space: 100GB
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5 Reliable Web Hosting from HostPapa $3.95/mo Disk Space: Unlimited
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6 StableHost - Affordable Web Host $3.95/mo. Disk Space: 1GB
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What is a Virtual Private Server?

VPS is a virtualized server. Essentially VPS means operating several Virtual Servers in one physical server that has been divided into some partition. Each virtual server gets part of the resources of the physical server, and those resources will be allocated only to that particular virtual server without the risk that they will be shared with others.
What other advantages this hosting type offers? Is it really the right choice for you? Find your answers below!


VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting would enable the users to control the virtual servers independently. It is regarded as one of the best ways to get into the Cloud world and an ideal bridge between dedicated servers and shared hosting. Plans of VPS can be customized to accommodate your particular hosting requirements and they can be easily updated as your website continues to expand. VPS hosting can be a great way to start small and then scale up rapidly. One would be able to install all the applications of his choice on his own virtual machine and more importantly its power can be augmented by only a few clicks and doesn’t involve a reinstallation of the machine. VPS hosting is the best tool to start with server administration and then follow the growth of your activity.

What will you get with this type of hosting service?

Only VPS would enable a progressive transition from traditional web hosting to controlling your very own virtual server without a compromise in quality and of course at an excellent pricing. All you need to do is select a Virtual Web Hosting service and then you can get your webpage online by selecting the right plan which is most suited to your needs. Moreover, most of the plans you can avail come with a number of free value added services.
None of your essential online presence requirements would be overlooked and you would be getting:

  • a free domain with a name of your choice
  • Enhance Control Panel (Plesk or cPanel®, etc) + root access
  • 1-click installs of many apps
  • Fully Managed Hosting Service and Technical Support
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Advanced Server Monitoring
  • a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate
  • and much MORE!

Many hosting companies would offer you free DDoS protection which would alleviate the minor DDoS attacks and in case of a serious attack then they would disable the IP which is under threat so that the remaining IPs and services under your server operates without a hitch.

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Things you should get on your VPS Hosting Plan

A VPS hosting from one of the renowned service providers would come with the following advantages: SSD hard drives with storage space ranging from 30GB to 240 GB which are 20 times faster than the SATA disk drives. An Ubuntu long term support would guarantee you with 5 years of security update which implies minimum downtime and security loopholes for your VPS. You would be able to add and control multiple virtual servers within the control panel of the service provider and therefore addition of a new RAM is no longer necessary. The most important advantage is that there won’t be a limit on the amount of traffic received by your site by making use of a suitable plan. The IPv6 address can be added without an additional cost by the VPS customers to any hosted domain. Customers would be able to host as many sites and domains as they want on their VPS. This can be ideal for developers and designers building apps and sites for their clients.

What else I need to know when considering Virtual Private Service hosting?

VPS hosting would enable one to install applications of his choice on the virtual machine. Moreover, the power can also be enhanced with just a few clicks thus eliminating the arduous task of reinstalling the machine. One of the most prominent advantages of VPS hosting is that one’s VPS package along with the applications is not affected by other people’s activity on the server, a thing that also guarantee higher level of security compared to shared hosting, as if one client virtual server get hacked it’s probably won’t affect your server. As discussed earlier VPS hosting would allow one to install all compatible applications. The RAM, CPU bandwidth and HDD which have already been allocated to one’s package will be available for their applications irrespective of all situations. Moreover, the 24/7 technical support offered by some of the service providers would enable you to communicate with them whenever you face a problem.

VPS Hosting interest you?
You must check out the Cloud Server Hosting!

Cloud Hosting

A VPS that is dynamic is usually known as a cloud server

Some Key features of this service:
– The ability to add extra hardware resources at runtime (e.g. CPU, RAM).
– Even while the server running it can be moved to other hardware.
Find out more about Cloud server, Cloud hosting, and our Top-Best-Web-Hosting companies for that service.Cloud Hosting