Windows Hosting Reviews of the Top Best

Whenever it comes to choose a web host, you will have to decide rather you need Linux hosting or Windows hosting. Even Linux hosting will be cheaper, and most common choice, you might find out it isn’t appropriate for your needs. If you are planning to compose your website using .NET framework or ASP, scripts for server-side scripting you will probably want to choose windows hosting. You will get to the same conclusion, if you are planning on using MS SQL and MS Access databases as they are usually run on windows servers, instead of MySQL that run on Linux.

Furthermore, if you are working with ColdFusion, C# or Visual Basic, you should choose Windows server as well.

Another thing you should consider is which control panel your web host offers. On Windows we recommend looks for Plesk, Helm 4 or DirectAdmin, While cPanel it’s probably the most common control panel for Linux hosting (vDeck is good option as well), so just make sure you choosing one company that offer a control panel that will be comfortable for you to use.

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How Windows Hosting Gain Its Popularity


Windows is the most typical and popular operating system that is extensively available. If you are likely to use multiple Windows programs in your websites, Windows hosting may be the right and best option. It supports programs like Microsoft active server webpages and Microsoft Front Page really effectively. It really is considered as very dependable and a secure plan since it is really a licensed product of Microsoft.

Windows web hosting is commonly the default web host due to the power of the Microsoft label. There exists a large amount of value in the title because Microsoft is still on the foremost list of software developers, and there are a great number of advantages with them.

Windows Hosting Is It For Me?


This web hosting solution is normally recommended whenever a user intends to utilize specific Windows applications, such as ASP, If an individual is looking to build his web site using Microsoft FrontPage, Windows may be the most suitable choice for him. Windows hosting can be strongly recommended if an individual wants to develop his web site using .net, MS Index Server or even Visual Basic scripts. With regards to choosing the database this webhosting solution is known as appropriate for both MS SQL and MS Entry database.

Disadvantages of Windows Hosting

When considering windows as your hosting operation system, we must get know and understand the disadvantages of this method. Probably the most notable disadvantage will be the price, compared to Linux hosting, windows hosting is much more expensive. That might be because windows server demands more resources and much more powerful machine to run on. Windows applications require having licenses, while on Linux you can find many free open sources applications.

We will review in detail the shortcomings of the Windows hosting in the post.

Advantages of Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting Server Room

Well Known

The benefit of Microsoft is that once you sign up utilizing their software then you can certainly be guaranteed a trusted product you know. Essentially they’re the benchmark to evaluate all other operating systems & most servers will finish up using their software. They will have very attractive software programs for databases, website design, and new applications are created all the time.

The library of different applications is the most varied with Microsoft. The entire software program is routinely updated and examined for bugs, instabilities and viruses. This insures your system is kept updated with the most recent software versions as well as your website won’t fall far behind.

Cloud World

Windows also excels with cloud hosting; a sort of internet infrastructure to shop a computer’s complete memory space and processors remotely and involves the need of self service where users pay anytime according to their usage requirement. It really is controlled by the internet browser API applications. As a cloud server consumer, you can easily retrieve the entire operating-system, running on the remote PC and depends upon virtualization like virtual personal server. In this, the server will be divided into numerous sub-servers, each working being a personal and independent server. They provide a sophisticated functionality and far-flung servicing related activities.

Cloud Server employs less hardware inputs and in addition less expensive services in comparison with other expensive methods. They are able to very effectively automate virtually all the programs running on your server amid a virtual environment and therefore save lots of time and money.


Compatibility is a very big factor. MS programs are so handy that having a suitable OS like Windows is greater than a welcome decision. Simple usage is another. The support offers several functions that help manage an internet site better. These are dependent on Microsoft Windows NT to be able to provide reliable end to get rid of management of servers. This can make Windows Hosting even simpler.


The truth that the service is powerful possesses enhanced security  features and innovative applications for the website are another big start. The user interfaces utilize the .Net Framework and many other Microsoft technologies which may be deployed to create dynamic webpages and applications.

Conclusion of The Windows Web Hosting

Even that compared to Linux hosting, windows server might be an expensive solution. It’s still got simple and user friendly interfaces, what make it much easier for new webmasters and administrators. Furthermore, depending on the language you planning to write your website, and the applications and services you planning to use, you might find out that Windows hosting it is your only option, so be sure to choose the best web hosting company that will answers on all of your website needs.

Windows server hosting, as mention above, suit for specific website needs, which will benefit from it in the long term, and allows you to build and manage your website in a way that only available in the windows world.
Linux hosting might be a better solution for you, unless those features that windows hosting can offer are essential for your business.